What we do

Kitchen on the Run is the mobile integration incubator from Über den Tellerrand e.V. With our blue kitchen container we carry our idea of ​​an open and diverse society to new places. We promote personal exchange between refugees and locals in order to get to know each other on eye level.

Why we do it

We meet the challenge that refugees and locals rarely meet in everyday life. We see personal contact as the foundation for integration in our society. We give impulses and spread our concept to shape intercultural coexistence in Germany and Europe in the long term.

How we do it

With a kitchen, built into a shipping container, we travel Germany and Europe. In a homelike atmosphere, we organize cooking evenings where refugees and locals can get to know each other at the kitchen table, reveal their favorite recipes, tell personal stories and start friendships.

Tourplan 2018

Our current location

Theobald-Renner-Straße 1a
07747 Jena
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Tour dates 2018

  • Biberach 1. May - 17. June
  • Süchteln 20. June - 5. August
  • Jena-Lobeda 8. August - 23. September

Weekly Events

Tue, Wed, Thu | 17:30 Uhr | Cooking Evenings
Fri | Open Community Event

Cook with us - How it works

1. Sign up with us:
As a host, to share with others your favorite recipe or as a guest, if you want to get to know new dishes.

Eine volle Einkaufstüte mit Lebensmitteln. Eine Hand mit Kochlöffel.

2. On the agreed date we take care of the purchase together with the hosts and prepare everything. The participation in the cooking evening is free for all!

Begeisterte Gesichter über dem Kochtopf.

3. For cooking, about 25 people meet at our kitchen table. Together, the dishes are prepared and then deliciously fed.

Ein Gruppe fröhlicher Menschen genießt das Essen.

4. Together we discover new flavors and unique dishes. We tell each other individual stories and new friendships emerge.

What else happens in the container?

In addition to our cooking evenings, there are open events in our container every Friday, where there is something for everyone.  




We believe in people, personal encounters and the unifying power of good food.

  • Firas Abo Saleh

    studied civil engineering, but would rather build an open and diverse society instead of large buildings. Due to his own escape experience, he is particularly motivated to reach this goal.

  • Agnes Disselkamp

    has studied French and Italian Philology and a Masters in Intercultural Education. She loves to discover new worlds through languages, but understands fun without words.

  • Daniel Schoon

    is a chef and a multiple craftsman. Exploring the recipes and food cultures of the world inspires him as well as facing new challenges.

  • Ina Peppersack

    comes from the fields of communication and design thinking. She is the creative mind of the team, enjoys people around her and is always on the run. Just right in the container!