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It all began with the idea of ​​two friends – Rabea Haß and Jule Schröder – traveling around the world with a container bar for a good cause. Years later, in April 2015, the two applied with the slightly modified concept of Kitchen on the Run in the ideas competition Advocate Europe. The prize money made it possible to start the project and subsequently encouraged other sponsors to trust the two idea creators.

The container

The kitchen container is the heart of our project. As a common meeting place for people with and without flight experience, the container also has symbolic value: while goods can be shipped across borders, it is impossible for many people to move legally and freely to and within Europe.

With the container we have decided for a sustainable and inexpensive construction of our mobile kitchen, which at the same time has an inviting and noticeable effect in the public space. In addition, our kitchen remains mobile and can be transported to places within Europe. The container can be used flexibly and offers enough space and protection to create a cozy atmosphere.

Kitchen on the Run Container

We thank you:


Vanessa Vogel
David Potthast
Philine Barbe
Juri Lux
Benjamin Schaad
Anton Sieber
Jonas von der Wall
supervised by Marc Benjamin Drewes


Nico Sonnenbrodt
Ammon Budde
Theodora Constantin
Marcel Hecker
Lya Kröger
David Leinen
supervised by Simon Mahringer


Stefan Schöllhammer
Michaela Apfler
Sophia Braun
Gaith Henki
Jonathan Lewkowicz
Judith Schiebel
Corinna Studier
supervised by Christoph Rokitta