Bari is cooking

Finally. We had our first real cooking-session in the Parco Don Tonino Bello in Bari. And, to put it in a nutshell, it was fabulous. We were around twenty persons in the Container, and there were six dishes!

  • Afghan starter “Borani Bademjan” – eggplants with tomato and yogurt
  • Mushroom-Cickpea Soup from Rumania
  • Palestine Hummus
  • Mexican Tortillas, served with brown beans and tomatoes
  • Fried Plantains (a speciality from Ivory Coast)
  • Manjar branco – a sweet brazilian cream made of Cocos

We had such a good time! And – because we didn’t have electricity yet – it was a very cosy candle-light dinner. The chefs of the night were some great folks of Ethnic Cook, a local organization in Bari. Thank you all for the delicious food and the stories, you shared with us!

Now the European Action Week Against Racism has come to an end. Here in Bari the city just organized a festival to bring together local organizations under the label of #generareculturenonrazziste. We are happy to be part of this and are looking forward to introduce you to some of the people we cook with a little more in detail soon. Even without electricity or water on the first evening, you can see how faces are glowing.

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