Le Meilleur de Marseille

Our four weeks in France are over. But before we have our first guests in Duisburg, Germany, we want to say Au revoir to our friends in Marseille. We had a splendid time there. All in all we had 15 very nice and unique evenings with around 300 people from all over the world – 37 nations to be more precise. There were guests from Comores, Sudan, Eritrea, Tunesia, Marocco, Afghanistan, Syria…

Four friends in the kitchen

During our days and nights in La Belle de Mai, we really enjoyed our neighborhood. Kids were playing around the container all the time. Billy, one of the boys from the area made an amazing Ananas-Caramel-Cake for us. Twice! Yammi.

Caramel Cake

It started in Bari – in Marseille it proceeded. Everybody, who has cooked in the container leaves his label there. Meanwhile we have a huge gallery of names from all over the world. We are proud.

Labels in the Container

Also our Map gets more and more colourful from evening to evening. Everyone can put a dot, whereever he or she is from. It is an eyecatcher for every visitor – and a nice tool to connect people from the same area. Sometimes people got in touch with someone from their country just because they marked the same spot on the map. See how small the world is…

Map in the Container

The first time on this trip we had a professional chef, who laid down the menu card for the evening: Emmanuel Perrodin. We all helped him with the preparations of the fishes, the vegetables, the risotto…

Professional Chef

This has become an institution in our kitchen on the run: The picnic in front of the container at our last weekend.  Around 70 guests came and brought  food, drinks and had a good time in the sun.

Picnic in front of the container

Can you imagine what was happening here? Weird loud noises echoed through the street at the comptoir. We had a session of laughter yoga at noon. This was real fun! Thanks again Eric!

Laughter yoga

In the last month we also had a lot of media coverage. For example: the magazine La Marseillaise and LesInrocks wrote an article and made a video in the container.

Media coverage

Perfect ending: On the last evening, we had typical local food: Aioli. It was made of dozens of garlic cloves, a lot of olive oil and had been stirred for almost two hours. We combined it with artichokes and other vegetables.


After two months abroad, we are very exited about coming to our home country. Soon we want to share the story with you about how the container returned to Germany and is now just set up in Duisburg…