Watch the video – and take a glance behind the scenes

Sometimes, pictures say more than a thousand words. Like our first video episode that was published this weekend. It is a beautiful film that tells how the journey of the container started in Berlin.

The video was produced by our filmteam from Berlin: Mattes Niepenberg and Johann Angermann will follow the container along the way with their camera. Both also did some great projects in the past, e.g. Mattes made a film about a school in Uganda called House of Hope and Johann cycled all the way to India and made a film about his project Guts for change. As Johann puts it: “The concept of combining adventurous trips and social projects has proven to be successful.”

During the past weeks also two students of the faculty of architecture of TU Berlin joined our team. Sophia and Judith were part of the group of students that, supervised by awardwinning Prof. Donatella Fiorettidesigned and built the container in Berlin. While here in Bari, they had their eyes on all the little, beautifully handcrafted details that needed to be checked.

Besides, if you ever wonder who writes these lines, there is a blogteam accompanying the journey: Munich based journalists Frank Seibert and Jessica Schober, wo both love travelling and usually report for German television, radio and magazines. We are happy to share stories, recipes and all the good vibes with you.

Captions: Andi, Rabea and Jule are the Co-Founders of Kitchen on the Run. Mattes is one of the Berlin filmmakers. Sophia and Judith are studying architecture and helped to build the container. Frank and Jessica are the blogteam. And Johann is also part of the filmteam.