The Container is now in Bari

After our Container was brought to Bari, Italy, we wanted to set up the kitchen in Parco Don Tonino Bello. Not quite as easy as we thought, but our Italian friends were of great help. There was only one side of the property, where the entrance is high enough for the truck to fit in. The problem: there were benches made of stone in the way to the middle of the park – and that is where the Container was supposed to stand for the next three weeks. No Problem for italian builders. They solved the problem within an hour – with a jack hammer.

Then the truck with the container on board drove backwards into the park – and finally decanted the blue diamond on the ground. Everybody was relived, even the truck. Here you can watch a video of the precise navigation.

Our next worry was to see wether the glasses, cups and plates inside the cupboars made it safely across the alps, too. The truckdriver Uwe had told us, that sometimes he heart noises in the back during the tour. So we were curious, if all the crockery was safe. We opend the Container….

Everything was just fine. Perfect.

The next day, we wanted to build the kitchen up. Soon, we will let you know how our first cooking event went. We can already say: The city of Bari and all our collaborators have given us a warm welcome.