We’ve joined forces with Über den Tellerrand e.V.

Why not cooperate with an organisation that does pretty much the same that we are planning to do? Why not learn from each other, join forces and multiply our impact? We decided to do so and joined Über den Tellerrand e.V. this week. Kitchen on the run is now an independent project, the European satellite so to speak, of Über den Tellerrand!


Über den Tellerrand is a Berlin-based non-profit association that is creating a new togetherness among refugees and locals in which diversity and mutual acceptance is taken for granted and integration is fun. They do so by cooking, kicking, gardening, dancing and upcycling together. The organisation was founded two year ago and is constantly growing. It feels good to be part of such a dedicated, experienced and warm-hearted team!

This fusion is also the kick-off for speeding up the project – summer break is definitely over and the semester at TU Berlin will start soon. That means: students and refugees will start planning our container kitchen next week. We are very excited…

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